The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

Like many anthologies, this one is a mixed bag, both in terms of tone and quality. You’ll find some wholesome shoujo ai tales here, and others that are much more adult and even shocking in tone and events. It’s a fantasy that we all get to enjoy; one full of confessions and firsts, supported by some gorgeous artwork that’s full of dynamic angles and imaginative panel layouts. If you want your yuri manga to be escapist joy, sweetness and charm, this is the one for you. A manga that seems to exist in a world void of men, where homophobia simply doesn’t exist and everyone is always rooting for love.
Due to President Wood’s unstoppable desire killing himself thanks to Magase’s influence, Seizaki has no choice but to shoot him to prevent him committing suicide much to Seizaki’s frustation. After shooting President Wood, Seizaki encounters Magase in the Assembly Hall roof where Seizaki stands while asking him about the good and evil concept and manipulating Seizaki to kill himself. The story ends with a woman resembles Magase encountering Seizaki’s son in a certain village and is possibly implied something bad is going to happen.
The library of AI-generated girlfriends is vast, ensuring a diverse array of seductive companions to choose from. Yes, with DreamGF, you can generate your ideal girlfriend to the most inner details of her personality. However, you will start by tweaking her looks by choosing her ethnicity, age, body type, hair color and style, clothes, and a lot more. If you don’t know what Akira’s plot is, I will leave you with that short sentence describing the general mood because you will enjoy it more if you go in not knowing the story. They came up with the ‘7SEEDS’ project, which consisted of meticulously picking five sets of seven men and women and distributing each set in different parts of Japan. Each group would be put under cryogenic sleep, hoping that at least one of them would survive in the future.
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